I love your custom cats. Do you make dogs or other animals?


Do you make larger or smaller variations of your cats?

No. As much as I love all animals, I have a very wide variety of pieces and as a personalized option I offer the custom cat figurines only




No, I am sorry. The size and shape of the cats is not subject to change.

Do you sell wholesale?

I am a blogger/journamist. Can I use your images on my website?

Absolutely. For more information, terms and conditions please contact me.


Sure thing! And thank you. Please make sure that you credit the photos properly and that you include links back to their source. 

How to care for porcelain jewelry?

To ensure that you will be able to pass you porcelain jewelry collection on to your daughters and granddaughters, please make sure you

  • take them off before showering, exercising and going to bed.  
  • store them in a safe place (throwing earrings into your back-pocket is not considered a safe place)
  • the back of porcelain pieces is not glazed, and while it is stain resistant it is not stain proof. Dirt (such as makeup) can cling to the surface. Occasionally you can use a cloth dampened in soapy water and gently rub the surface to clean it. In case of glued pieces (like stud earrings) avoid contact with water.

Often I combine porcelain with different metals. To polish silver/brass/copper please use a metal cleaning cloth.