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My creations cover a wide range of products, hand crafted using high quality porcelain, stoneware and earthenware clay bodies, often combined with base and precious metals, as well as different high grade, semi precious stones. This page is a brief summary of the different products I create. You can check out available designs see the collection on Etsy.




Let yourself be embraced by meaningful, unique, luscious ceramic jewelry pieces, ones that you will treasure for as long as you live or can pass on to the women in your life you hold closest. Timelessness dressed in porcelain and silver. ,,


Home decor & tableware

Transforming a house into a home just got so much easier with these beautiful, well designed statement pieces.



If you are crazy about cats, I've got you covered with the daintiest, most elegant cake toppers in soft colors and metallic details.


Customized cats

I launched this product in 2013, and it soon became my best seller and one of the most meaningful works. I have heard the most hear warming and also the most heart breaking stories, but regardless of their nature you affirm your love towards animals (kitties, yaaay!) through them, and that is truly amazing.